Rue d'la Gouaille was born in spring 1994. David (lead singer and guitarist) and Morvan (Double bass player) wanted to play a sort of "acoustic rock" with inspirations taken from folkloric musics. This is why they asked Morgane Le Grand (accordion player and tin whistler) to join them and go play their music in the streets of some Breton cities, playing a bunch of traditionnals irish and breton tunes and some french oldies.

Soon they began to play in some bars until the became more and more use to it.

In 1996 they went touring in Quebec, Canada with a travelling theatre, taking with them 3 friends amongst which was Freddo Bellayer who then became a permanent member of the band, playing banjo and mandoline.

The 4 of them began eating the road for quite a while ! That brought them to enter their first recording studio from which got out their first album "The Celtic Pogo" made of the 9 first compositions of the band plus a traditionnal song they revisited.

And as soon as this record was released their popularity got bigger and bigger.

In 1999 their second album was already out. Its name : "Le Pavé". And the band plays in more and more festivals and bigger and bigger venues in France but also in Germany, Belgium, Switzertland,...

2003 after having released a third album "Microsillon" and having played its songs a lot they came with the idea of integrating another instrument in the band : The Drums. And soon Karim Bennani joined Rue d'la Gouaille.

The band will be touring for one year with this new 5 pieces line up until Freddo and Morgane decided to quit at the end of 2004. Then Karine Germaix joined the 3 boys with her accordion just on time to finish recording their 4th album "Fête Foraine" and the band goes back on tour.

Then after all these years on the road and after so many concerts given the idea of recording a live album came up. And as a gig is made for the ears but also for the eyes it had to be a DVD too ! And here's "Rue d'la Gouaille en scène" a 75 minutes full concert on a CD and DVD !